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    RO-2403, PTFE Lined Diaphragm Valve(Electric Actuator)

    Technical Specification
    Design and Manufacture:
    ASME B16.34
    End-to-end dimension: HG/T3704
    Flange Standard: ASME/ANSI 16.5
    Inspection and testing: API 598

    Product Specification
    Body Material:
    A216/WCB, A351/CF8,A351/CF8M,A351/CF3,A351/CF3M,LCB, A536
    Lining Material: PFA, FEP, PTFE,PO
    Diaphragm Part: EPDM+PFA, FEP
    Nominal Diameter: NPS 1/2-16
    Pressure Range: 150lb 300lb JIS DIN
    Connection Type: flange connection
    Operation Method: Electric Actuator, Pneumatic Actuator etc.


    Products Description:

    1.ROTTECH lined diaphragm valve is ideally suited for shut-off, flow control and throttling of corrosive process media in either liquid or gaseous state.
    Its main features are heavy-duty, robust construction, maintenance-free, easy replacement of components on site. Convenient, flexible and accurate open or close.

    2.It can sustain any corrosive medium in addition to the ??molten alkali metals and fluorine elements??. It is ideal products used in chlor-alkali, industrial in organic chemicals, metal and mining, nitrogen and phosphatic fertilizers, petroleum refining, pharmaceutical etc.

    3.It is not applicable for diaphragm used in medium with hard particles, which will cause diaphragm damage and leakage.

    4.The working temperature cannot exceed the specified range.

    5.Open the diaphragm too frequent will influence the sealing performance.

    6.Lining material: PFA, FEP, GXPO etc.

    7.Operation methods: manual, worm gear, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuator.

    8.ROTTECH lined diaphragm valves are available as per the needs of applications in additional sizes and other than standard materials.


    Material Specification:

    1.Lock screw:A320 B8

    2.Body bolt: A320 B8

    3.Handwheel: A216 WCB; A351 CF8

    4.Sleeve: SS304

    5.Bonnet: A216 WCB; A351 CF8; A351 CF8M

    6. Stem nut: Brass

    7.Stem: 2Cr13; A182 304; A182 316
    8.Adjustable pad: SS304

    9.Disc: A216 WCB; A351 CF8; A351 CF8M

    10.Rubber Diaphragm: EPDM

    11.Diaphragm: PFA; FEP

    12.Body: A216 WCB+Lining material; A351 CF8+Lining material; A351 CF8M+Lining material

    13.Nut: A194 2H; A194 8; A194 8M

    14.Flat washer: 45#; A182 304; A185 316

    15.Outer hexagonal screw: A197 B7; A320 B8; A193 B8M